How the mind, body and spirit are connected

As someone who’s jumped on the worldwide mindfulness bandwagon, I can say that I’ve tried really, really hard to understand how you can be spiritual in the modern world.

Essentially Christianity believes that God is three persons, which we can loosely put into three categories:

  • The head (father)
  • The hands (son)
  • The heart (holy spirit)

Or the mind, the body and the soul.

In mindfulness meditation, we learn to be aware of the breath. This anchors us in the present moment and clears the mind of the past and future. With practice, you can also learn awareness of body sensations, such as a tingling feeling in the hands. This grounds a person in their worldly experience with a unique combination of concentration and attention. You can also be aware of emotions, such as love or peace. These are things that we associate with spirituality or the soul.

That’s why I meditate. I believe it is a shortcut to the brain’s way of being centred or balanced in terms of the human (and, perhaps, cosmic) fabric that enables it. You know how thoughts are transient mental events? Meditation could help with that.


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