Garmin and my fitness

Some of you know I’ve taken up swimming during this most recent episode of mental illness. As a high-oxygen activity, going for a swim helps keep me well and is something that over time is going to get me fit.

I’ve recently purchased a Garmin Vivosmart, which is tracking my steps and sleep. Unfortunately it doesn’t detect swimming as an activity, even when you tell it to start timing. It does, however, track calories burned by walking/jogging/running or cycling, and integrates with MyFitnessPal, a mobile phone-based calorie counter. I also like the email and incoming call notifications. I’ve been using their app to keep a diary of every meal I’ve had for about ten days now, and the setup has been a great way of keeping motivated to lose weight.

As for swimming, I will probably not renew my membership at Eagle Vale and opt for Mount Annan Leisure Centre, which has a pool, spa, sauna and steam room in the same building. I also need some new swimwear, which I can get from DFO when I go there with Joe this weekend. Since it costs me less than $200 for six months, the only extra cost is the cost of running a car in order to get there. Rail link to Mount Annan, Mike Baird?


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