Struggle Street Rant

The mayor of Blacktown was not too discerning when labelling Mt Druitt as an area with its problems depicted.

Clinton Mead, former Campbelltown Councillor

This rant was a response to thread on Facebook regarding “Struggle Street”, but I’d thought I’d post it here for posterity. Slight language warning.

The problem with these do-gooders who want to ban the show is that they’re the ones that have caused the problem in the first place.

It’s the do-gooders who built all the housing commission to “help poor people”.

It’s the do-gooders who tax cigarettes to the hilt, driving these people to connect with organised crime gangs when they want a fag.

It’s the do-gooders who set the minimum wage at such a ridiculously high level to trap people into poverty. Seriously, who’s going to pay someone with no work experience and a couple of assaults on the criminal record $20 an hour? Good luck getting into the job market.

Someone offers you a job at $500 a week, but it’s against the law to take it…

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