Mental Illness, Are We Being Too Serious?


Here’s my dilemma.  On one hand, I am a Mental Health Advocate and on the other I also live with a mental illness.  I became so outraged at  the portrayal of the mentally ill in Modern Family’s Halloween episode that I immediately jumped on the band wagon to get ABC to apologize.  I hadn’t even seen the episode.  I was going off of another blogger’s take on it…a very well respected blogger.  I finally decided to watch this Halloween episode (today) and I realized something…I was wrong.  Yes, there were some not so nice stereotype portrayals of psych ward patients and yes some not so nice comments.  But, this is the reality we live in.  People have these preconceived notions of the mentally ill and that is something that is very difficult to change.  Now that doesn’t mean we should give up and not try to educate people, but when…

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