Identity and Recovery

A great post which asks: what are our identities worth under the two contrasting paradigms to mental health care?

Hopeworks Community

Disease management asks you to make changes despite who you are.  The recovery model invites you to change because of who you can become.

The disease management model stains your identity with “what you got.”  The recovery model liberates your identity with what you can overcome.

  In the disease management model you are the source of deprivation. In the recovery model you are the source of strength.

  Both see the reality of distress and misery in life although their accounts of it may widely differ.  Only the recovery model sees the reality of transformed life.Identity is a major key in life.

Everything from the car we drive to the food we eat to the clothes we wear is sold on the basis of what it says about the kind of person we are.  The identity of mentally ill is for many a “spoiled identity. ” It is not…

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