Charity begins at home

Email to Macarthur Advertiser editor, Jeff McGill today

Dear Jeff

I remember a cartoon where the character mentioned they didn’t donate to charity as doing good deeds had no cost overheads. This is true if you were born without a poverty of time like so many of us have. Today I started to put together an old computer for a member of the mental health support group I am a participant of each week. This woman has issues involving DOCS, Justice and Housing, and while my sickness payments are not generous, there is perspective to be found in coming to know people worse off than yourself. This is a live issue for our city.

Walking down Queen Street today, I couldn’t help but notice a busker playing his guitar with such vitality it embarrasses me that I can’t remember the melody. He is the “unsung hero”. Perhaps Mayor Mead’s public plans to revamp the CBD are starting to take a cultural hold?

The reason I am studying to support other mental health consumers in our region (Campbelltown and Camden, that is) is that I have been given ‘something’ – lived experience. This obligates me psychologically to give something back. As an observer of politics, surely you must know how that often works out?


Daniel Greaves
Eagle Vale


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