Siem Reap Temple Tour

It was late by the time I landed in Siem Reap, so I drank with some of the other guests at the hotel bar, part of a combined pool and restaurant area. I even managed to win a game of pool against the hotel driver in a very close match.

The next morning I was picked up by minibus for the Angkor Day Tour. We visited Bayon temple first, a complex which features 54 towers  and 216 faces.




After this we went to Baphon temple, probably my least favourite of the tour (too much stone and not enough character).




My pick of the temples was next – Ta Prohm is known for the tree roots entwined into the temple stone and featured in the 2001 Tomb Raider movie.



IMAG0287 (1)

We stopped for a simple restaurant lunch after this, while chatting about the cost of living in our home countries (Australia was up there).

Finally, we visited Angkor Wat, the world heritage-listed complex built in the 12th century as the Khmer Empire’s capital. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the main causeway and moat, as we came in through the back entrance and I was running late for the bus by the time I reached the front.






Afterwards, we climbed the hill to Phnom Bakheng (a small temple) for views of the sunset and Angkor Wat in the distance. All in all it was an interesting day and well worth doing, even without an Angkor Wat money shot. Next time, heh.



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