Letter to Macarthur Advertiser

Letter I wrote to Macarthur Advertiser editor today:

Dear Jeff

I am writing to you after reading your editorial from the 1 August edition. I think there are a number of interesting things that have recently taken place in the life of our city that the community – through you – should be interested in or at least generally aware of.

A topical piece in the Sydney television news, which highlighted the history of Campbelltown in a positive light, might have finally stirred the Sydney community’s interest in looking beyond the stereotype that exists here. The Seven News item was well produced, despite being spearheaded by Pat Farmer (a non-resident) and probably went down well.

Another is the urban renewal of a few sites around the traps, including Minto Mall (a favourite of yours), the gradual gentrification of the public housing suburbs and the ongoing development of places in our surrounds like Park Central and Oran Park Town. This will lead to continued economic activity in our well-established construction and related industries and new housing for interested homebuyers.

Individual stories come to mind too – once at a gym at Wollongong the male customers would complain that they only get all the old machines from Campbelltown. A new gym run by the Virgin company will occupy the old Fitness First site (the largest in NSW) following the collapse of its UK owners.

I can also say that there are interesting things going at the Campbelltown UWS where I am on leave from my research student post, and that these things aren’t taking place anywhere else in the state.

I’m proud to live here and I hope that you and your successors increasingly are too.

Best regards

Daniel Greaves


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