Well-researched music albums

I am fan of all things Muse, ever since hearing Uprising played to the goings-on of a Melbourne strip club. I find most of their albums both musically and lyrically interesting, including reading between the lines into the band’s (in particular lead Matthew Bellamy’s) interest in conspiracy theories, systems of government and space, among other things.

It made me think that good music these days must be well-researched to connect with the deeper motives of their audience. The Beatles had no reason to think that their well-known song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ might have been seen in the light of climate change. In the 21st century Muse’s albums are littered with themes about the end of the world. (Even their recording label, Helium-3, refers to a fuel that could theoretically be mined from the moon to solve the world’s energy crisis.)

That’s one more reason I’m looking forward to their new album in September, The 2nd Law. The name refers to the second law of thermodynamics, and being more well-resourced than me I’m sure that they can make it work better than I can here. The punch line of the trailer is that “an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable”, which is then followed by a dubstep piece, however Bellamy has since stated that there is only one track on the album that sounds like that.

“We’ve basically tried to do what Rage Against the Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments…the rest of it is very, very diverse,” he said. I can’t wait.


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