Some spare cashola

I am in the position of having to decide whether to buy a new computer, go on an overseas holiday or save the money for a rainy day. Lucky me.

Advantages of buying a new computer include better gaming (in particular, Starcraft) performance and the flexibility of having a desktop and laptop combo.

On the other hand, it’s been just over 2 years since I last went overseas and that was for work. So I could revisit south-east Asia for the cost of getting a new rig.

My sensible side tells me I should be paying off my HECS loans, however I once read an economist who argued that interest-free loans should be the final thing you pay off due to the concessions on interest, which basically can be counted as savings in countries like Australia that offer them. (Plus, I’d rather take the shiny new PC or holiday routes than redirect money to the tax office, to be completely honest.)

Any suggestions – PC, holiday or HECS?


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