Stuff Stanford is doing in health

Following is an assessment task I submitted for my Honours seminar program. It is about a TEDx presentation at Stanford Uni on health, music and art.

Stanford Uni chose the theme of ‘illumination’ in the faith that its audience would view the world differently.

They hoped to achieve this by combining health issues with the world of music, art and Japanese drumming by Taiko Stanford (indeed Taiko actually means ‘a drum’). There are a number of subsequent events around the concepts of ‘captivation’ and ‘celebration’ in addition to the present seminar, entitled ‘cultivation’.

The Stanford Tedx independent seminar day was spearheaded by Dr Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, chair of Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine in addition to the Canary Center at the Stanford for Cancer Early Detection. Dr Gambhir opens by noting that that “Many of [us] have cancer now, but we won’t know it for perhaps a decade.” He puts on his futurist hat, presenting a series of slides on a microbubble nanotechnogy agent that can bond itself noncovalently to a cell, which but for the cancer, would otherwise be non-malignant.

The series moves on to a musician’s ‘lens’ (he is called Jay Kuo, another alumni of the University), who plays an instrument that he owns in a rhythmically and percussively unique manner. Esther Gokhale, a posture specialist, illustrates the “first baby step” towards spinal posture support whilst sitting in a chair. I can only imagine that the audience would have been moved by this.

Levity was added to the event by Joel Stein, published author of Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, where he wrestles with issues of life as a young recruit. Assoc. Prof of Music, Mark Applebaum, combines musicology with botany to create a vast array of sensory absorbability.

Footage was provided by the Stanford news service and the event was co-compared by June Cohen from TED and and David Hornik, a venture capitalist at the time. The TED movement is devoted to ideas worth spreading.


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